Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Marriage Course 2016 (Mandarin)

On the 3rd January, I was invited to be in-charge for audio and visual for one event.

This event is called The Marriage Course by Alpha. This course is conducted by running the DVD. The speaker of the DVD is Nicky and Sila from U.K.

Hence, in order to run this program. Items needed are as below:

1. Mixer/ PA system
2. 2 Units of DVD player OR Combination of 1 Unit DVD player and 1 Unit Laptop
3. 2 Units of pair of Red & White RCA cables OR 1 Unit of Red & White RCA cables & RCA to audio jack cable
4. Projector

The pictures are as followed:

 Figure 1 Mixer Used by FBC Chapel

 Figure 2 Laptop Used by FBC Chapel

Figure 3 Audience during the Event

This event will last for 6 weeks and the participation is very encouraging.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Experience in Audio and Visual

Welcome everyone to my blog Audio & Visual World!!

Blog Introduction:
I share my experience in lighting and PA system that I have used before. Furthermore, I will review on the advantages and disadvantages of it. Beside that, I will be sharing on the headphone, audio jack, and other necessary items related to audio and visual.
Stay tune for more information and more posts.

Author Introduction:
I have been handling audio and visual for more than 10 years, I started at the age of 16 years old.
It is not easy to start mixing on the mixer. To be a sound man, a person needs to be able to handle stress and alert whenever there is feedback (humming).

Sometimes a sound man needs to handle special request from the musicians and audience. For example, a musician tells me that she cannot hear herself from floor monitor which she is standing far away from floor monitor. In this situation, should I tuned louder for her or I just asked her to stand nearer to monitor. This is the example of dilemma situation, the solution is to ask her stand nearer to the monitor. If I tuned the volume loud enough that she can hear herself, it will cause humming and too loud to other musician and singers.

For your information, I started mixing in a church setting, First Baptist Church in Malaysia. This church has instrument from drum to guitar. However, the preferable for the church's setting is soft bass and clarity in volume. Figure below shows the sound system used during the old time before 2007.

 Figure 1 Compressor & EQ Behringer and EQ Ashly

Figure 2 Mixer Mackie

Stay tuned for more posts from this page.